When Chandra entered year 8, she was an outgoing and confident student who got good grades, engaged in sports, and took on lots of activities.

Chandra had migrated to Australia with her family. It was clear to Chandra that her upbringing was different to her parents. It was already a struggle to go through all the usual changes that teenagers faced, but she also had to navigate life between two different cultures.

Chandra struggled with the culture clash. Mental illness was not discussed in her family.

For a long time, Chandra hid her struggles well until, one day, the pressure became too much and she couldn’t pretend anymore.

“I just suddenly stopped going to school and stopped trying.

It was obvious to school staff that something wasn’t right because they knew what my abilities were, so they knew I wasn’t putting in the effort anymore.”

  • 1 in 5

    young people feel lonely all or most of the time


  • 1 in 6

    young people feel negative or very negative about the future

  • 1 in 12

    young people are disengaged from education and work

  • 3 in 10

    young people find it hard to turn to friends & family for help

“I never thought I would finish school. I didn’t even see beyond finishing school.

I think it was obvious to my teachers that something wasn’t right.”

It wasn’t until Chandra started the Raise mentoring program that she realised she was experiencing anxiety and depression. Although her mentor had a different background to Chandra, she understood what Chandra was going through and was always there to listen.

“My mentor offered me a different perspective and empathised with my situation.

She treated me like an adult. Before I went on the Raise mentoring program, I didn’t see myself finishing school, but because of my mentor I did.”


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