Mentoring creates a ripple effect

Through mentoring young people develop trust in adults, improve communication skills and learn to ask for help. Developing resilience through our program improves young people’s ability to bounce back after stress and increases their confidence and coping skills so they can better cope with adversity. 

Improving relationships with peers and teachers, young people in our program gain a sense of school belonging making them more likely to achieve academic confidence, leading to better grades and attendance.

Through mentoring there is a ripple effect that reaches the whole community and as you'll see here, the impact is felt far and wide by young people, teachers, parents, mentors, businesses - everyone connected to the young people in our programs.



  • Ruby, mentee

    “We shared the same views most of the time and we really just had a connection from the beginning. My mentor made me feel really good about myself and she was just really amazing and nice.”

  • Ryan, mentee

    “I now feel like I can open up more to others when I need and that I am not alone.”

  • Chloe, mentee

    “I developed a great friendship with my mentor and I am just super happy that I have been able to overcome some social challenges and anxiety along the way.”

  • Jade, mentee

    “My mentor has helped me with ways to cope with the things I struggle with. It has helped me learn that there's always an answer and I can fix it and I know how to ask for help when I need it now.”

  • Coen, mentee

    "It has helped give me more insight on life situations and how to cope. It was better than I expected, it was so good to have someone to talk to every week. Thursdays were my best day at school because my mentor came."

  • Willow, mentee

    “I think talking to a mentor is helpful because you can openly talk to them about your problems, they are non-judgemental but also can bring their own life experiences into it. It is also something to look forward to throughout the week.”


  • Bradley, mentor

    "It’s been a great reminder that everyone has different perspectives, challenges and priorities. I feel like this reminder has helped me be more empathetic at work and with friends and family."

  • Chris, mentor

    "My mentee has been empowered to speak up and have a voice. They have gained resilience and inner strength to make decisions that are best for their wellbeing."

  • Sandy, mentor

    "The mentor training taught me to sit back, keep quiet and let somebody else talk and I’ve become very good at that and quite frankly, I’m proud of myself. When you get to the end you realise that you’ve got a very different young person there than the one you started with!"

  • June, mentor

    “I would have benefited so much from this as a teenager and it’s so lovely to give your time to someone else who really needs and appreciates it.”

  • Fiona, parent

    “He seems much happier and is kinder, more loving and less irritated at home.”

  • Phil, parent

    “Lockdown was a difficult time and my son became depressed. But mentoring was the highlight of his week and helped him get through.”

  • Holly, parent

    “I felt that as parents we may not be experts in providing all the right advice and I believe a mentor can make a positive impact to a child’s future.”

  • Richard, parent

    “My daughter is more open to conversation with me. It has tremendously helped our relationship!”

Want to become a youth mentor?

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