Community support goes a long way

To achieve our ambition to help as many young people as possible, we need to continue to bring new schools and new volunteer mentors on board.  

In the communities running our school programs we are always looking to increase our pool of trained and available mentors. In areas where Raise is less well known it's harder to recruit volunteers, because people don't know who we are. That's where we need your help.

From posters at the local store or coffee shop, to a social post in a local Facebook group, to placing awesome mentor cards in a shopping centre, handing out flyers at local events, through to an article in the council or school newsletter - support like this in the heart of the community, is a huge help.

See where our current schools are and reach out below if you'd like an info pack or to talk to someone about how you can help.


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Seeking school partners


Keen to bring the community wide benefits of the Raise Youth Mentoring Program to a school near you? At Raise, we are keen to work with high schools across Australia, so that we can provide support to as many young people as possible. We would love to hear from you and by working together we'll do our best to make the program available near you.


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