Mentors are the life force
of our organisation

Like Raise mentees, mentors come from a range of backgrounds and bring varied experiences and expertise to the role.

All mentors are screened and fully trained. Providing Working With Children and National Police checks, mentors all complete our industry leading youth training including youth safety compliance. With 8 modules of our online training course and a one day group training session, our volunteers are trained to the highest standard with the skills they need to mentor a young person. 


Extraordinary people, generous with their
time and experience


  • Bradley, mentor

    "It’s been a great reminder that everyone has different perspectives, challenges and priorities. I feel like this reminder has helped me be more empathetic at work and with friends and family."

  • Chris, mentor

    "My mentee has been empowered to speak up and have a voice. They have gained resilience and inner strength to make decisions that are best for their wellbeing."

  • Sandy, mentor

    "The mentor training taught me to sit back, keep quiet and let somebody else talk and I’ve become very good at that and quite frankly, I’m proud of myself. When you get to the end you realise that you’ve got a very different young person there than the one you started with!"

  • June, mentor

    “I would have benefited so much from this as a teenager and it’s awesome to give your time to someone else.”

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