Introducing the Raise Centre for Youth Mentoring

Bringing Mentoring to Every Community

Raise Foundation has trained over 8,000 individuals up-skilling them in essential mentoring skills to support young people through adolescence and together we have provided youth mentoring to over 13,000 young people and counting!

Yet, each day we receive requests from parents, carers, and youth support agencies desperately seeking a mentor for a young person who's missing out as they don't attend one of the 200+ schools we partner with.

We've decided to solve that problem.

Raise Centre for Youth Mentoring creates an avenue for learning and collaboration between youth mentoring providers across Australia. We are revising the Australian Youth Mentoring Benchmarks in line with international best practice. We aim to elevate the industry and its mission collectively.

Let's ensure every young Australian has access to a trained and trusted Mentor.

Raise Centre for Youth Mentoring (RCYM) will focus on four key areas - training, access to quality mentoring, counselling and supporting the sector to develop more best practice evidence-based youth mentoring programs.

Our goal is to enhance youth wellbeing by expanding access to best-practice mentoring and youth support strategies.


Raise Centre for Youth Mentoring