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Our proven mentoring programs match mentees with inspiring and compassionate mentors, fostering deep connections and empowering young minds.  

Throughout the school term, mentors provide personalised guidance and support, encouraging mentees to unlock their full potential. Whether it be teaching life skills or talking through a situation, young people benefit from having someone lend them an ear and simply listen. 

John, Raise mentee parent testimonial quote

Jon, Raise mentee parent testimonial quote


How you can unlock potential and unleash possibility

  • For just 2 hours a week, mentors create a safe space for a young person to grow and thrive, learning essential skills that will equip them for life.

  • Raise Mentoring is an in-person mentoring program facilitated in school where 10–15 young people from one school are each matched with a volunteer mentor. Together they participate in 20 supported mentoring sessions on the same day and time each week.

  • Mentoring sessions are 2 hours each week, 1 hour mentoring a young person and 1 hour mentor support. All sessions are delivered and supervised by a Raise Program Counsellor.

Make a lasting impact on a young person's life

As a mentor, you have the extraordinary opportunity to create a personal connection and help a young person thrive by simply offering guidance, support, and inspiration.  

Through Raise mentoring, you can empower a young mind, nurture their strengths, and help them overcome challenges – equipping them with tools and skills that will last a lifetime.  

Join our community of dedicated volunteer mentors and embark on a rewarding journey of making a difference in the life of a young person.

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